Stand out
from the crowd.

Seamlessly weave your brand into every photo, ensuring maximum visibility. From branded overlays to custom backdrops, our photobooth becomes a powerful branding tool.

The key to successful brand activation is audience engagement. Our photobooths provide interactive fun with creative filters, digital props, and themed overlays. Guests become your very own brand ambassadors.

We offer data analytics to help you understand the impact of your brand activation. Learn about user engagement, social reach, and the effectiveness of your brand message.

So what do we do?

Retail Activations

Our experienced team handles every aspect of the activation, from setup and operation to teardown, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you and your staff.

We work closely with you to understand your brand’s objectives and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Let us achieve your marketing objectives for you!

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Premiers, Product launches, Store Openings

We create tailored experiences that match your brand’s unique identity. From the aesthetics of the booth to the digital content, everything is aligned with your vision.

Instant social sharing turns your event into a trending topic. Watch your brand reach new heights as guests share their branded photos on social media platforms.

Gain valuable insights into your audience with our data capture and analytics tools. Collect email addresses, phone numbers, and other valuable data from users, allowing you to build and nurture relationships long after the event ends.

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Amazon Photobooth

National Campaigns

Planning a series of activations in major cities?

We offer scalable solutions to meet your needs, ensuring consistent quality and brand representation at every location at an affordable price!

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Kelly and Partners

Exhibitions & Expos

Ready to make every moment count at your next expo?

Bring traffic to your stall/store/location and allow future customers to take more than just a great photo home.

Contact us today to discuss your expo stall requirements and let us help you create memorable experiences that drive traffic, engagement, and brand awareness.

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Custom Activations

We can do it all.

Custom backdrops, custom frames, custom lighting, custom experience.

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Our Loyal Supporters

Upgrade your events

LCD Vibe Booth

Custom brand the NEW LCD Vibe Booth. Vinyl wrapped booths available too!

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Photo Mosaic Wall

The perfect ending to a memorable event

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AI Green Screen

Teleport anywhere with our cutting-edge AI green screen technology

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Event Photographer

Capture every beautiful moment with our professional photographers

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